HiveFit BCAA Formula - Mixed Berries - 30 servings HiveFit BCAA Formula - Mixed Berries - 30 servings HiveFit BCAA Formula - Mixed Berries - 30 servings

HiveFit BCAA Formula - Mixed Berries - 30 servings



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Recovery assistant with highest effective doses of BCAAs

Ultimate mTOR activation

Extend protein synthesis during training or between meals

    This product is a must for those in a caloric deficit. The only natural branched chain amino acid product in the market that has the capabilities of activating the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). mTOR directly and indirectly regulates the phosphorylation of over 800 proteins which in turn regulates cellular metabolism, energy signals, growth factors as well as growth response to hormones. This perfect blend of high-dosed ingredients will also maximize muscle synthesis and repair damaged cells reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and this formula contains ingredients to help channel them directly into the muscle, therefore maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. Without a proper digestion, nutrients cannot be absorbed efficiently therefore get wasted. This product also contains L-Glutamine which has been proven to help rebuild the stomach lining, making it a great addition to optimize nutrient uptake intracellularly.

    How are we different? When creating a BCAA, most companies focus on maximizing recovery time with the added branched chain amino acid supplementation. Hardly ever their doses are high enough for the supplement to do much, if anything. Where most companies fail is not activating mTOR which does require more ingredients and certain ratios in order for this synergy to happen efficiently. However, when activating this enzyme, it integrates both intra and extra cellular signals which regulates cell proliferation and survival, cell metabolism and cell growth making the most anabolic environment possible in the human body. This is why we pride ourselves with the highest quality BCAA in the market.


    Product Specific Q&A

    • When is the best time to take the BCAA? You may take a serving during training as it will help activate mTOR. You may also take BCAAs during the day, especially in those days where soreness is higher.
    • What are BCAAs for? Branched Chain Amino Acids, these are the building blocks of protein. Not only do we supply enough amino acids to help rebuild the teared down muscles but also to maximize the recovering process where hypertrophy takes place. We also added different compounds to help activate mTOR so not only will it help you build muscle and recover, but it will do it at the physiologically fastest rate possible.
    • How is your BCAA different from all the other companies? We focused mainly on activating mTOR and its delivery system. We have a higher amount of Leucine which is required for this activation and we supply the other ingredients necessary to transport it into the right places and maximize its capabilities, making it the most effective muscle cell proliferation blend in the market. This will also help prevent any muscle loss during extreme dieting.

    Supplement Line Q&A

    • Are all of the HiveFit supplements made in an FDA registered facility as well as GMP compliant? Yes
    • Is it normal for some of the ingredients to float to the top after the product has been mixed? Yes, HiveFit supplements do not contain any type of gums or binders, as well as any chemicals to help keep everything together, some separation is completely normal. We like to brag about this!
    • Does HiveFit list everything used on their labels? Yes, we are very proud to say we have a 100% transparency and full disclosure label on every single one of our products, including the non-active ingredients, which to us are still just as important as the active ingredients!
    • Are all of your supplements free of artificial sweeteners, colorants, flavors, and preservatives? Yes, those are all standards on the entire HiveFit product line.
    • Do any of the HiveFit products contain any banned substances? No, all of our ingredients are heavily tested not only to assure the highest purity and quality, but also for effectiveness and maximum health, leaving all banned products out of the equation.
    • Why are some of your products in amber glass bottles? Some products are more impacted with the environment than others. We use amber bottles because it helps lower the moisture as well as the oxygen transfer rate in and out of the bottle on the products that are more susceptible to environmental damage and oxidation.



    These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.