HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Fruit Punch - 30 servings HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Fruit Punch - 30 servings HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Fruit Punch - 30 servings

HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Fruit Punch - 30 servings



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Fully dosed nutrients in optimized ratios to provide maximal blood flow

Ingredients that provide the highest degree of muscle contraction

Stay in the zone with eye popping pumps and incredible endurance!!!

Want something intense with linear energy and no crash? This is the ultimate pre-training formula in the market with full effectiveness while keeping health in mind. It contains maximum clinical doses and zero banned substances.

This pre-training formula has ingredients that work synergistically to maximize blood flow to the muscles which in turn increase nutrient partitioning promoting recovery time and muscle growth. HiveFit’s unique formula uses Cordyceps Sinensis CS-4 which has been shown to promote endurance by increasing VO2 max as well as metabolic threshold, making this the perfect cocktail before training to increase performance. This product also contains a hefty dose of Phospatidylserine (PS) and Phosphatidycholine (PC) to help combat exercise-induced stress and prevent deterioration caused from excessive exercising at a physiological level. This synergistic combo also promotes an ideal hormonal status by keeping cortisol levels from increasing during training. 

How are we different from other pre-workouts? We don't use excessive caffeine to stimulate the central nervous system. Excessive caffeine leads to an increase in arterial vasoconstriction by blocking adenosine receptors which causes a blood flow reduction. By avoiding this you will be able to maintain a pump longer and keep lower cortisol levels during training.

We are one of the few companies in the market that stay away from artificial colorants, flavors and sweeteners since it has been proven that using them is harmful to your body and have long term side effects. These healthier companies fail in making an effective pre-training formula, making ours the best of both worlds. Our product costs more to make because of this, but we pride ourselves in offering a competitive price regardless of our cost. 


Product Specific Q&A

  • I’ve never taken a pre-workout but need a little stimulation while training, how should I assess my tolerance? Everyone needs a boost on certain days, especially when wanting to maximize your results during training. I would suggest ½ serving to begin and then ¾ of a serving if you feel the need to increase it. If your body responds perfectly fine, then you may go to a full serving.
  • Is the pre-workout going to make me feel jittery or tingly? This pre-workout has the caffeine equivalent of 2 cups of coffee so if you are not used to such stimulation it may at first, but we suggest assessing your tolerance as specified above. When it comes to supplements making you tingly the main ingredient that does it is the beta alanine. We only have 1000mg in our formula vs other companies that have over 3000mg where tingling is guaranteed to happen. With such a small dose the tingling may not be noticeable to most individuals.
  • Will this pre-workout increase my strength? Strength, muscle, and fat manipulation comes from training and a proper nutrition. This pre-workout will ensure you are maximizing your training time by keeping you focused, enhancing blood flow to the muscle cells, and giving you better pumps and endurance so you can tear down the muscle faster and for longer periods of time. This is your get-out-of-bed and go train formula.
  • How much pre-workout should I consume per day? As with our fat burner, I would not consume more than a couple of servings per day. Too much caffeine can damage your adrenals, we have added a couple of compounds to nourish your adrenals and keep cortisol lower, but we still recommend no more than 2 servings per day for those with double training sessions or extreme dieters.

Supplement Line Q&A

  • Are all of the HiveFit supplements made in an FDA registered facility as well as GMP compliant? Yes
  • Is it normal for some of the ingredients to float to the top after the product has been mixed? Yes, HiveFit supplements do not contain any type of gums or binders, as well as any chemicals to help keep everything together, some separation is completely normal. We like to brag about this!
  • Does HiveFit list everything used on their labels? Yes, we are very proud to say we have a 100% transparency and full disclosure label on every single one of our products, including the non-active ingredients, which to us are still just as important as the active ingredients!
  • Are all of your supplements free of artificial sweeteners, colorants, flavors, and preservatives? Yes, those are all standards on the entire HiveFit product line.
  • Do any of the HiveFit products contain any banned substances? No, all of our ingredients are heavily tested not only to assure the highest purity and quality, but also for effectiveness and maximum health, leaving all banned products out of the equation.
  • Why are some of your products in amber glass bottles? Some products are more impacted with the environment than others. We use amber bottles because it helps lower the moisture as well as the oxygen transfer rate in and out of the bottle on the products that are more susceptible to environmental damage and oxidation.


These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.