HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Pomeçai Blast (1.35lbs) - 30 servings
HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Pomeçai Blast (1.35lbs) - 30 servings
HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Pomeçai Blast (1.35lbs) - 30 servings
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HiveFit Pre-Training Formula - Pomeçai Blast (1.35lbs) - 30 servings

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Free Shipping to U.S. 50 States

Fully dosed nutrients in optimized ratios to provide maximal blood flow

Ingredients that provide the highest degree of muscle contraction

Stay in the zone with eye popping pumps and incredible endurance!!!


Our newest product line, the most advanced and elite scientifically backed supplements in the world! Want something intense with linear energy and no crash? This is the ultimate pre-training formula with full effectiveness while keeping health in mind. It contains maximum clinical doses and zero banned substances.

This pre-training formula has ingredients that work synergistically to maximize muscular blood flow which increases nutrient partitioning, promoting recovery time and muscle growth. HiveFit’s unique formula uses organic Lion's Mane fruit body extracts as well as Alpha-GPC to improve focus and cognitive functioning, as well as stimulate the release of growth hormone. It has been shown to promote endurance by increasing VO2 max as well as metabolic threshold, making this the perfect cocktail before training.  

Note: this particular product may clump up in the container as the HydroMax is a very sticky ingredient. As on our company standards, we choose to avoid anti-clumping agents and fillers that are harsh for our bodies. Please be aware the product is still in great condition and perfectly same to consume.


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