Workout at Home BUNDLE
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Workout at Home BUNDLE

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Everything you need to keep up your training from your home gym - Subscribe and get an additional 5% off! Includes HiveFit Stimul-Fat, BCAA Formula, and your choice of Whey Protein flavor.

Free Shipping to U.S. 50 States

What is included?

HiveFit BCAA Formula - Twisted  Sunrise (0.46lbs) - 25 servings

Speeds up recovery and reduces Delayed OnsetMuscle Soreness (DOMS)

Excellent for beginners and intermediate level athletes

Extend protein synthesis during training or between meals


    Our newest product line, perfect for beginners and intermediate level athletes!! The latest research shows that essential and non-essential amino acids are crucial to maximize BCAAs so we have combined 3 products into one.

    This perfect blend of clinically dosed ingredients will also maximize muscle synthesis and repair damaged cells reducing delayed onset muscle soreness. This is a great choice for the weekend warriors, students, and the occasional gym goer that needs to maximize their workouts. It contains zero banned substances.

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and this formula contains ingredients to help channel them directly into the muscle, therefore maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. Without a proper digestion, nutrients cannot be absorbed efficiently therefore get wasted. This product also contains L-Glutamine which has been proven to help rebuild the stomach lining, making it a great addition to optimize nutrient uptake intracellularly, a must for those in a caloric deficit.


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    HiveFit 100% Whey Protein Isolate (2.44lbs) - 30 servings

    Best tasting protein without any artificial ingredients

    Great for athletes and safe for the entire family

    Higher glutathione levels mean fewer free radicals which means less muscle soreness and quicker recovery

    Our newest product line, the most advanced and elite scientifically backed supplements in the world! We are proud to offer the highest quality, most bio-available, 100% grass-fed, non-GMO whey isolate protein without sacrificing taste.

    Our whey has a perfect blend of naturally occurring amino acids that are almost identical to the human muscle tissue profile thanks to the highest standard sourcing we could find in the world. This means our protein is truly human compatible and not perceived by the body as a foreign substance, therefore making it highly absorbable without causing any inflammation at the cellular level! This translates to a healthier protein powder that is easier to digest and great for any goal or fitness level. 


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    HiveFit Stimul-Fat Formula - 60ct

    Opens up fat burning pathways

    Reduce cravings and elevates energy and mood

    Makes dieting much easier


    Stimul-Fat stimulates fat loss by opening up the lipolysis pathways, therefore speeding up results and making it easier to diet and stick to a program during a caloric deficit. This product has a blend of clinically dosed ingredients to help reduce cravings, elevate energy, maintain a stable blood sugar and stimulate the breakdown of stubborn fat cells. By taking this product you will maximize every aspect of a proper diet and exercise plan during your efforts to become leaner.


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