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HiveFit Standards

Each product featured has been uniquely formulated with the purest and most natural ingredients available on the market today. We pride ourselves with having 100% transparency and full disclosure labels without proprietary blends, because we believe you have the right to know precisely what is in each product you consume.


NO Added Sugars

Our products do not have any added sugars. Only naturally occurring sugars or natural substitutes.


NO Hormones or Antibiotics

HiveFit products are free of rBGH/rBST hormones and antibiotics. Animals are also raised and treated ethically.


NO Gluten

Our products are gluten free. However, they are manufactured in a facility that handles gluten so cross-contamination may be possible.


Grass Fed Cows Only

Our whey comes from cows that eat what they are intended to eat by nature, and have a grain-free diet year round.


NO Artificial Colors

HiveFit does not use artificial colorants. We use food derived natural colorants. Most of our products are colorant free in general.


NO Banned Substances

Formulated with the purest ingredients available on the market today, all of our products meet FDA requirements, and have zero banned substances. 


NO Binders or Fillers

We do not use any binders, fillers, masking agents or gums. Some separation may occur in our products as they are free of the agents above.



HiveFit products do not contain any genetically modified organisms, and are verified when possible.


NO Artificial Sweeteners

We pride ourselves with our products not containing any artificial sweeteners. We only use healthy substitutions such as Stevia when needed.