About us

About Us

HiveFit was founded in 2015 as a nutrition coaching business providing custom nutrition plans. The founder and owner of HiveFit, Venezuelan born Raul Hiteshew, envisioned a supplement company with 100% all natural products made to the highest standards.  Raul’s vision soon materialized into the HiveFit supplement line which currently consist of 9 high quality nutrition, fitness, and wellness products.

The HiveFit supplement line reflects Raul’s Venezuelan approach to 100% all natural products. Consistent with his 10-years of experience in advising thousand’s of clients on their nutrition and supplement use, Raul’s custom formulas included no artificial sweeteners, colorants, or banned substances.

HiveFit’s supplement line include an assortment of health and nutritional supplements designed to enhance and increase consumers health and nutritional well-being. The current line of products consists of vitamin and minerals, specialty, and sports nutrition and weight management supplements. Each product featured in HiveFit’s Supplement line has been uniquely formulated to meet, and often exceed, industry standards for being one of the cleanest, most natural, and highest quality products available. HiveFit’s unique and custom approach to our supplement line along with our demand for the best ingredients make HiveFit® Supplements the only choice for those seeking the most natural and purest supplements of the highest quality.

Raul’s passion to help fight famine and hunger for infants and children led him to start the HiveFit Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to fighting starvation and famine globally. Through the HiveFit Foundation, 25% of the profits from Hivefit supplements are donated and used to fund a unique and nutritious protein meal replacement drink engineered specifically for infants and tolders who are unable to eat solid foods as they regain their health.  

HiveFit® continues to serve as an industry leader in the area of nutritional consulting. We offer an innovative approach to body re-imaging through personalized nutrition and fitness programs. Unique and unlike other diet and exercise programs you have read or heard about, HiveFit® has pioneered body re-compositioning using science. Through our groundbreaking patent pending process known as Triangulated Body Re-imaging™, HiveFit® nutrition experts are able to lead you to your desired fitness and nutritional goals. HiveFit also continues to work with competitors and to provide contest preparation services. HiveFit has repeatedly assisted competitors in earning national recognition as well as professional status.

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