The HiveFit® Foundation: Child Famine Relief Initiative

Every year, over 1 Million children lose their lives to childhood hunger. Currently, there are over 17 million children worldwide afflicted with severe acute malnutrition, acute malnutrition's most extreme form. Malnutrition occurs when the body doesn't receive the nourishment it needs - the body begins to consume its own tissues in search of the nutrients it needs to survive, targeting muscle and body fat first. 

As a nutrition, health, and fitness brand, HiveFit® is dedicated to serving and being of service. In our efforts to give back, we are leveraging the success of the HiveFit® Supplement line in order to support the fight against childhood hunger.


Through the HiveFit® Foundation, we have committed 25% of all profits from the HiveFit® supplement line towards helping to alleviate childhood hunger. 


Specifically, the HiveFit® Foundation has partnered with international affiliates to identify infant and youth populations suffering from famine and malnutrition. Once identified, The HiveFit® Foundation works with local agencies and organizations to provide nutritional meal replacements formulated specifically for children.

On behalf of all HiveFit employees, affiliates, and partners, we want to thank you for your support of our foundation. If you are interested in becoming further involved, or in placing a donation, please contact

Because we have a choice! 



*Statistics represented from Action Against Hunger | ACF-USA