HiveFit represents an innovative approach to body re-imaging through personalized nutrition, supplements and fitness programs. Unique and unlike other programs and supplements you have heard about, HiveFit has pioneered body re-compositioning using science with a holistic approach.


Nutrition coaching for general clients and competitors |

This is an accelerated program for those ready to give it 120%. Quick maintainable results done the proper and healthy way. This program is excellent for the first timers or seasoned competitors wanting to take it to the next level. Nutrition adjustments are done as often as needed in order to maximize results. All adjustments are done based on feedback, progress pictures and weight updates. Unlimited communication throughout the program as well as an initial consultation. A workout program is included as well as cardio and supplement recommendations.


Personal training and custom workout programs for specific goals |

If you are interested in personal training we can make recommendations based on your location. We also design fully custom-made workout programs designed specifically for your goals. Progress pictures, weight and other markers will be needed before designing the program to assess symmetry and other potential areas for improvement. The exercise program will detail what exercises and how many reps and sets to do per workout session. Plans are designed based on how many days you are able to train, lifting style preferred and setting. 


30-minute phone or FaceTime nutrition consultation with lead coach Raul Hiteshew |

If you want to consult about nutrition or anything fitness related this would be the best option.


Custom supplement formulations for your organization |

If your organization is in need of proper supplementation, we can formulate a product specific to your needs.

For all inquiries please email for more details.






The results below are from Team HiveFit clients only with proper diet, exercise program and supplementation.