Proper Nutrition Before Supplements

Supplements are widely discussed and used by people in and outside of fitness communities for good reason! They can help boost fitness efforts in a reliable, remarkable manner; yet, they’re so often misunderstood and therefore misused that we feel as though we need to begin a conversation within the #teamhivefit community about what it looks like to use supplements well.

Part of this widespread issue is simply that people don’t understand the purpose of supplements and what they need to be used with in order to have their full, intended effect (and, to protect your body from potential harm from misuse).

We also think lax regulations that, for example, allow supplements to be only half of what they say they are have added to the confusion around these products. People don’t know what they’re putting in their bodies, and in these cases, they’re not even at fault!

What We Believe

Raul Hiteshew, Co-founder of HiveFit, always tells clients proper nutrition comes first and that supplements are great to supplement, not to replace. In other words, thoughtful supplementation on top of proper nutrition is a solid combination that can lead to health and fitness goals being met. We’re a company that creates clean, all-natural supplements after all!

Next Blog Series

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be diving into topics regarding nutrition and supplementation with a focus on why you should prioritize nutrition before beginning to consider adding supplements. Some of the general topics we’ll be covering are:

Nutrition providing the foundation your body needs to thrive

The effects of a bad diet on attaining fitness goals

The original purpose of supplements

How supplements can be an incredible asset

Our Comprehensive Mindset and Approach

Rather than tackling one area of health, we’ve made it our mission to be comprehensive because the human body is complicated. Comprehensiveness is what it really takes to help people become their best, healthiest selves! We’ve actually pioneered a program based on using science with a holistic approach -- we fully believe in the positive effects of personalized nutrition, supplement, and fitness programs.

What’s Next

Are you IN to learn more about nutrition and supplements? Stay tuned to read this 4 part blog series! We hope to uncover many of the mysteries surrounding supplements and provide in-depth explanations for why poor nutrition may be what’s keeping you from attaining your fitness goals.

If you’re ready to take action now, we do offer nutrition coaching for general clients and competitors ready to give the program their 120%. We offer unlimited communication throughout it after the initial consultation, and we also include workout and supplement recommendations. All adjustments, nutrition-based ones included, are done as often as needed to maximize results based on feedback, progress pictures, and weight updates.

Email for more details, and read more on our website. You can also view our full line of all-natural supplements! We have a 100% transparency policy, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re taking.