Myth: Poor Nutrition Can Be Outworked

We spent last week discussing why nutrition has to come first and some of the most common mistakes made when it comes to nutrition. Missed it? Check it out here:

In our discussion about proper nutrition before supplementation, it’s also important to cover a popular, incorrect mentality that working out well is what’s needed most to meet your goals. Working out is something we undoubtedly support and love participating in -- but, as professionals, we can confidently say it’s not the end all be all when it comes to achieving your health and fitness wants. Similar to our statement “proper nutrition before supplementation,” you need proper nutrition before successfully working out, too.

Side note: This is why our nutrition coaching includes workout and supplement recommendations but is titled “nutrition coaching!” Once this part of your life is on track and providing the foundation your body needs to thrive, you can then maximize your workout and supplementation results.

Disconnect Between Training and Nutrition

Our co-founder, Raul Hiteshew, notes that most gym-goers hardly change over the course of their training and don’t meet many of the goals they set. This isn’t because their workout regimens aren’t well-rounded; in fact, they may even be exceptional. The culprit for most people experiencing little to no change (even with solid workouts) is…

Their nutrition is subpar to their work ethic.

So much emphasis is put on training in the fitness world, and creativity with training is also emphasized greatly. Unfortunately, the same push isn’t prevalent among the topics of nutrition and dieting. Old mindsets and memorable food charts from grade school are often what people rely on when determining their nutritional needs, and misinformation still circulating from decades ago only adds to this chaos and confusion.

The Low-down

To put it simply, “garbage” or foods with low nutritional content simply cannot fuel your body in the ways it needs to be in its best state. You can be training extensively with a world-renowned coach and still see a plateau in your results or even a weight gain if the effort you’re putting into training isn’t reciprocated on the nutrition side of things.

According to this Sports Medicine article, “ingested carbohydrate stored as glycogen serves as the primary fuel for muscle performance.” As we mentioned in our last blog, so many people who train believe carbs are bad! Yet, your body absolutely needs them to sustain your energy levels -- especially when you take your training to the next level. 

Good News

There’s no magical food (or foods) that will provide the exact nutrition needs of every person.

Wait, that’s good news?!

It means you can focus on holistic, healthy eating rather than trying to obtain a specific product that’s a fix-all. Each body and every area of training holds its own nutritional requisites, and you have the freedom to assess what’s best for you (or, find a professional who can offer assistance). This also isn’t about restriction or old-school dieting; It’s about creating a lifestyle in which your body is happiest and healthiest! This is something that should and can last a lifetime.

We share all of this as an encouragement to you! Positive change is as simple as doing some you-specific research and making a few changes next time you visit the grocery store. Then, you can incorporate those new foods into your diet and decide whether or not to seek professional advice. You or a coach may even decide supplementation would be a great addition to the diet and workout routine you’ve already got going. To learn more about receiving nutrition coaching today, head to

That’s it for today! Next week, we’ll talk more about supplements since you now have an understanding of the necessity of good nutrition and the role fitness has in it.