STEPS! How Can You Use Whey Protein as a Part of Your Daily Routine?

On our last blog, we went through some of the benefits of whey protein and precautions to take while using it. BUT, we have yet to cover how to make it a part of your nutrition plan!

To quickly recap one of the biggest precautions:

A product that says “Whey Protein Isolate” on the label, by law, only has to be 51% whey protein isolate. The other 49% can often be made up of inferior sources of protein (or other components), such as concentrates or casein but most likely fillers, gums, thickening agents, amino acids, etc. not listed on the label.
WHAT?! We’re still shocked, too, which leads us into our first point:

1. Purchase a whey protein powder that’s clean.

Companies can be incredibly misleading with their labels and advertising, so don’t skip out on your research. Some things to look for are NO

Banned substances


Added sugars

Binders or fillers

Hormones, antibiotics, rBGH and rBST

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Colors

Fun fact: this is actually a list from our whey isolate products! #shamelessplug

You can also look for additional advantages of the whey protein you’re viewing. For example, you can find this on our site:

Our whey has a perfect blend of naturally occurring amino acids that are almost identical to the human muscle tissue profile thanks to the highest standard sourcing we could find in the world. This means our protein is truly human-compatible and not perceived by the body as a foreign substance, therefore making it highly absorbable without causing any inflammation at the cellular level! This translates to a healthier protein powder that is easier to digest and great for any goal or fitness level. 

2. Find a flavor you think you’ll love AND that will pair well with whatever you’re planning to mix the whey protein powder into. 

Some flavors you find may include Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Mint, Mocha, and Cookies & Cream. Our customers have found HiveFite whey protein isolates to taste great in foods/ drinks such as


Oatmeal (instead of using sugar)

Shake with bananas and/or strawberries

Plain water

Almond milk

Peanut butter powder and oats

Shake with fruits and spinach 

Whole organic milk

Shake with frozen berries and chia seeds

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Do whatever sounds best and is easiest to bring together for you.

3. Make sure you take the correct amount.

We typically recommend taking one scoop of our whey protein isolate powders as a dietary supplement, but the amount will always depend on the brand you’re using and your specific daily protein goals. Before altering the amount you take, please consult with a nutrition professional who can assess your unique needs. You can email or message us on Instagram (@teamhivefit) if you have any questions about our products.

4. Assess your experience with the product.

A good whey protein powder will blend smoothly, be clean and creamy, and not have an awful after taste or be gritty or chalky. Additionally, it won’t leave you bloated, gassy, or with stomach cramps! It will feel light on your stomach while tasting delicious.

With our products specifically, we’ve also been told they’re great for picky eaters and can satisfy sweet cravings!

Have YOU decided to try whey protein? Let us know! We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and would love to answer any remaining questions you have.

-- Team HiveFit


Our whey protein isolate products

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